Did you watch the solar eclise today?

Were you one of the lucky ones to have witnessed the solar eclipse that took place today?

Across the country, the solar eclipse Sunday seemed to kindle an infectious enthusiasm for astronomy.
In New Mexico's Chaco Canyon, Jay Anderson, a Canadian eclipse expert who runs the website Eclipser, marveled at the spectacle. He particularly enjoyed how the eclipse happened on a Sunday. The last "ring of fire" eclipse Anderson attended in the United States, he said, was "characterized by warnings not to watch and descriptions of the dangers of looking at the Sun, despite the fact that we all do it on occasion."
"This one, being on a Sunday when schools could not intervene with their overly protective attitude, got the whole countryside watching, and the general message seems to have been to go out and enjoy the spectacle, with proper eye protection. It's a good message to carry forward, with a major total eclipse coming to the U.S. in five more years," Anderson wrote to The Times. 


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