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How to get to Mykonos

I know everyone is always unsure on how to get to Mykonos so here is a sum up guide we think can help you.

Before booking your tickets make sure first to check on charter flights coming straight to Mykonos from London, Rome, Paris or Zurich. Those charter flights are definately better priced than getting a flight to Athens and then switching into a flight for Mykonos. From time to time there are more destinations you can get a charter flight from, but it is better if you consult a travel agent for specific details.

For those getting flights to Athens (ATH) you can connect with another flight to Mykonos (JMK) which is just 20 minutes flight and here are the companies that do that and that you can book directly to them your flight:

Another way to get here from Athens instead of taking the plane is by boat. In Greece, this is a very frequent choice of transportation since there is a much fair than the airplanes.
In Athens we have TWO ports: PIRAEUS and RAFINA both reachable from the airport.


From the airport you take the metro and change to a train (just by using one ticket) and you reach directly the port it is about 45 minute ride in total. Or you take the express bus that is about 3,5-4 euro that takes about 40minutes or less depending on the hour you are travelling. Or of course you could get a taxi with a fare approximately around 40-50 euro.

There are two types of boats that get to Mykonos. Simple boat that takes 5,5 hours and costs about 20-25euro. High speed boat that takes 4 hours and costs about 40-45 euro.


From the airport I there are buses that can take you to Rafina port, or you take a taxi which is approximately a 30 minute ride to the port and costs about 30-40 euro.

There are two types of boats that get to Mykonos.Simple boat that takes 4,5 hours and costs about 18-25euro. High speed boat that takes 2.5 hours and costs about 35-45 euro. Boat companies that work for both ports and you can book online are:

Another link you could use to find all uploaded boat schedules for anywhere in Greece to anywhere in Greece and with direct links to the boat companies i s:

We do inform you that all the prices stated in this post are approximates and the hotel cannot be responsible for third party pricing or agreements. This post is only suggestions for your assistance.


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