Tips for comfort in the plane

We are sure that you are excited to come to Mykonos island and to Kouros hotel & Suites, but you are probably not looking forward to the long plane ride. Here are some tips to help you making the travel more comfortable.

1. Be dressed in layers. That is a smart move since airplanes often use excessive air conditioning that make you freeze during the flight but when coming in Mykonos and feel the bright sun you will definitely want to wear as less as you can.
2. Try to fit all the necessary for a long flight (books, magazines, headphones etc) in a small bag. That will let you move easier when on the plane.
3. Chew gum during takeoffs and landings to avoid ear discomfort caused by the altitude change.
4. Keep muscles from cramping by stretching before, during and after the trip. Walk up and down the aisles and rotate your neck, shoulders and wrists.
5. Apply lotion to your hands and face to avoid excessive dryness caused by the circulated air.
6. Take a mini blanket with you. Few airlines offer blankets on flights now and those that do will definitely not match the cleanliness of your own. They can be slim and will keep you cozy when the plane’s air conditioner lowers significantly the temperature!
7. Take your travel pillow with you. Many people find it really easy to sleep on planes, trains, in cars, buses. Using your own pillow can help you relax before arriving to destination and have a fresher look. One thing is sure, by arriving to Kouros you will have a pillow choice that promises a good night’s sleep.
8. Headphones. Having your own headphones definitely reduces the white noise on the plane and gives you a more clear sound to your iPod, DVD player, or the in-flight movie.
12. Eye Mask. Can be easily packed in your day kit and will help you shut out the light of the plane and arrive fresh in your destination. Arriving in such a sunny country as Greece definitely stresses the need for a good night’s sleep!
So travel safe and we will see you here soon...


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