Keep them coming!!

Only one day left for you to enter our Cocktail contest with a chance to win 2 nights accommodation to our hotel!! Find out more details on our contest here

The contest is running wild and we have received over a thousand names for our new creation! That has put a lot of pressure for us since we will not be able to narrow it down to just one name! Maybe we will need to come up with new cocktail recipes to fit those creative names!

Some more names that we have received in random pick...

Hearts on Fire
Volcano Love
Sunset of the Ring
Viva Kouros
sunset seduction
ruby glow
ruby sparkle
Don Kouros Margarita
Crimson Aphrodite
Artemis' Ruby
Red Skies at Night
Mykonos Sunset
Legend of the Red Pearl
The Paraportiani
Gay Blade
the rocktini
juliets' favorite
Fire Extinguisher

So keep them coming!!! less than 24 hours are left for your winning chances!!!


Cocktail names we have so far.....

Your new cocktail suggestions have flooded our mail!! We are very excited you have come up with such creative names!!

Here are some of your suggestions....

absolutely Kouros
Don's sparkly pomegranate surprise!
PasiĆ³n Griega
A hint of mint
kouros' juices.
Kouros Breezer
kouros' fresh kiss
Rodhie Breeze
Eternal Youth
hot ice
Kouros Red Creation
Red Kouros
Persephone's Punch
Deli Kouros
Sailor's Delight
mykonos madness
Julio Fresco
Don coolio
Don's Minty Pomegranate Margarita
The Scarlet delight
Liquid Velvet
Crimson summer
Crimson delight
Kouros Dream
The glance of Kouros
Kouros whisper
Kouros Passion
The burning tongue of Kouros
Kouros bloody Heart
Kouros secret recipe
the beauty of kouros
Kouros Red Potion
The eternal elixir
Marbelous Kouros

Remember you have up to the 31st of August to apply with a name for a chance to win 2 nights at Kouros Hotel & Suites in Mykonos!!!


Name our new Signature cocktail and win a 2 nights stay this season

We have thought of making a fun competition with you for the chance to win a 2 nights stay in Kouros Hotel & Suites in Mykonos Greece for this summer season.
Our F&B Manager, John Chatzidrosos used to bartend some of the most famous celebrities in Lake Como, Italy. Now he has created our new Signature Drink for the summer only for our precious guests!
What are we looking for now?? .... A name for this delicious drink...
And what we offer?? .... A 2 nights stay in our hotel with a chance to taste the cocktail yourselves!! And what does this mean? Accommodation in one of our renovated double rooms, full American buffet breakfast and your transportation from and to the port or the airport.
Here are some photos for you to be inspired, as well as the recipe of John's cocktail so you can have a hint when suggesting names!
Cocktail Recipe:

Don Julio reposado tequila 11/2 oz

fresh lime juice 11/2 oz

sugar syrop 1 oz

fresh pomegranate juice 1 oz

fresh mint leaves

a splash of sparkling water
Bartender's trick: Before mixing the cocktail in the shaker, rub a mint leaf around the rim of the glass, as this will suggest the light refreshing taste to come...
And VOILA! Kouros 'nameless' cocktail is ready to be tasted at our pool.... So any names coming up your mind?

You have up to th 31th of July 2010 to come up with suggestions for the name of our new signature cocktail.

The winning name that will steal our heart and will perfectly match John's creation will be the big winner.

So, submit here...

Booking dates can be for stays up to the 10th of October 2010 and will be confirmed upon correspondance with the winner and availability of the hotel. More than one entries from the same email are more than welcome. The final decision of the cocktail's name will rely solely upon our pool bar service staff's decision, based on your suggestions.


What not to pack for Mykonos!! Yes, a reverse packing guide

When travelling, it’s very common that people overload their luggage with things they eventually don’t get to use during their stay here in Mykonos, or anywhere else in the world for that matter. Based on our 15-year experience here at Kouros Hotel and Suites we can assure you that it happens all the time -even with experienced and returning travelers!
One of the reasons it happens (besides you being over excited for the trip!) is the fact that people don’t really know which items will be available to them when they get here –either offered as hotel amenities or available in stores inside Mykonos Town. As such, we found it useful to offer you some advice on how to lighten the load of your luggage and pack smartly before visiting Mykonos Island.

1. Daily cleansing products such as soap and shampoo could excess your baggage weight with overload. So spare some luggage space leaving them out! At Kouros Hotel and Suites we offer you a high quality range of products made by KORRES Natural products- one of the leading Greek brands in this category with outlets all over the world, so there’s one more reason not to worry. Of course in case you are using a specific type that you actually have to use (for example a medical one or a particular type for your skin etc), our suggestion does not apply.

2. As with soap, towels for the bathroom, the beach and our pool are also provided by our hotel free of charge, in a daily basis so there’s no need to stuff your luggage with those. We pride ourselves of using hypo-alergic cleaning products when washing our linen, providing you an air of freshness when using them.

3. Thirdly if you are considering bringing your laptop together there are a couple of things that you may need to take into consideration. First of all we would like to remind you that we have two big Apple iMacs available for you to use 24hours in our Lobby with a free wi-fi connection, unlimited usage.

Additionally, in some cases laptops can be heavy and bulky, taking away precious space in your luggage and adding extra weight to your total (remember that when flying from and to Mykonos and the weight of your luggage surpasses the designated limit for your flight, you will have to pay a fine according to each airline company).

Another reason why taking a laptop to Mykonos should be twice regarded is that it sometimes can be easy to get sucked in to online life and spend some extra time on Facebook (yes, we too do that a lot! lol) instead of being out experiencing the beauty and atmosphere of Mykonos. And for those that actually work… Relax!! You should be in holiday mode and forget the office just for a few days!

4. Finally, a very wise proverb of travelling says ‘Don’t pack anything that might be fun to buy once you arrive’. You will have the chance to do a lot of shopping on Mykonos island and chat with the shopkeepers, which is not only fun but is also a great way to learn more about our culture, food and attractions.

Well, that’s all for today! We really hope that this blog helped with your preparations for Mykonos and of course we‘re looking forward to welcoming you to our beautiful Island and Kouros Hotel soon!!


Keeping fit in Mykonos

Have you heard the rumors about our delicious breakfast? Don’t hold back and enjoy it without hesitation since there are plenty of ways to stay fit at Kouros Hotel.

Through a successful co-operation with we have the pleasure to offer our valued guests personal training sessions with successful Trainer Dimitris Moros.

Dimitris Moros has been training Greek celebrities for the past 5 years and owns one of the most up –to-date Greek fitness portals,

Upon arrival to our hotel you will have the chance to book a training session with him and get the benefits of a personal evaluation, goal setting and program forming.

Our fully equipped gym is capable of offering you a wide selection of exercises suitable for everyone, and combined with Dimitris Moros’ advice you will definitely stay fit during your vacation at Kouros.
Dimiris Moros

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