Keep them coming!!

Only one day left for you to enter our Cocktail contest with a chance to win 2 nights accommodation to our hotel!! Find out more details on our contest here

The contest is running wild and we have received over a thousand names for our new creation! That has put a lot of pressure for us since we will not be able to narrow it down to just one name! Maybe we will need to come up with new cocktail recipes to fit those creative names!

Some more names that we have received in random pick...

Hearts on Fire
Volcano Love
Sunset of the Ring
Viva Kouros
sunset seduction
ruby glow
ruby sparkle
Don Kouros Margarita
Crimson Aphrodite
Artemis' Ruby
Red Skies at Night
Mykonos Sunset
Legend of the Red Pearl
The Paraportiani
Gay Blade
the rocktini
juliets' favorite
Fire Extinguisher

So keep them coming!!! less than 24 hours are left for your winning chances!!!


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