Networking at Kouros Hotel & Suites Mykonos Greece

Dear guests and friends,

we are expanding our social media and we find ways to come closer to you and keep you informed on everything that is going on at our Boutique hotel in Mykonos.

Here are several links where you can find our hotel and follow us as a friend, a reader, or as a potential Mykonos traveller.

Here is where you can find us and we trust in you for reviews and feedback.

Join our Facebook group and be the first to know on news and offers

Follow our twits on Twitter and keep up with the daily Mykonos news and gossip

Have you seen our Youtube channel? That will definately make you dream of staying with us!

And how about a virtual tour in our hotel bu a glimpse of our photo gallery at Picasa...

Stumble upon us and review our website and add it to your favorites

Or bookmark us at Delicious!

Or, get linkedin with us!

It is incredible how internet has made it so easy for all of us to be together and informed on all updates!

Can't wait to see you on our networks! And keep in touch for special offers posted in them!!!

See you this summer...


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