So... what does Kouros stand for??

Have you ever wondered what our hotel's name stands for?

So here is the story behind Kouros Hotel in Mykonos...

According to Wikipedia:

A kouros (plural kouroi, Ancient Greek κοῦρος) is the modern term given to those representations of male youths which first appear in the Archaic period in Greece. The term kouros, meaning (male) youth, was first proposed for what were previously thought to be depictions of Apollo by V. I. Leonardos in 1895 in relation to the youth from Keratea,and adopted by Lechat as a generic term for the standing male figure in 1904. Such statues are found across the Greek-speaking world, the preponderance of these were found in sanctuaries of Apollo with more than one hundred from the sanctuary of Apollo Ptoios, Boeotia, alone. These free-standing sculptures were typically marble, but also the form is rendered in limestone, wood, bronze, ivory and terracotta.

This essense and history of the Kouros statue is translated to our boutique hotel in Mykonos with the simple and clean design approach and the freshness of youth and elegance in our premises.

Our fabulous verandas from each and every Kouros hotel room overlooking the Aegean have a direct view of Delos island, a sacred place where many Kouros statues where found.


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