Coffee art at Kouros Hotel

Our F & B Manager of the hotel, John Chatzidrosos, has introduced the art of decorating your coffee to our establishment and has provided us with a step by step series of his art.

Make sure upon your arrival to try a Cappuccino freddo (iced cappuccino) or a cold chocolate to enjoy it first hand!

Make sure during your stay in Greece to try the cold coffee cold Frappe, a Greek pattent of iced coffee which you can ask with our without milk. And for those with a sweet tooth make sure to add a ball of ice-cream in your order!!


Snacks by the pool

We have already informed you that with our recent rennovation a new restaurant area has been designed exclusively for our hotel guests. Our main concern is to provide our guests with the most delicate tastes made only with fresh Greek products that we personally handpick daily.
Besides our main meal menu with tastes of the Mediterranean we have a wide variety of light snacks and salads that you can enjoy by the pool while sunbathing or gazing the sunset.
We would like to thank Helena Virpi from Italy for her amazing photo shoot that really accents our delicacies.
Here is a glimpse of our Kouros salad. This salad combines the strong taste of arrugula leaves with the sweetness of strawberries mixed in a light honey-mustard sauce... yummie.
The well-known mozzarella sticks for those who want to snack light with their drinks.
Our version of club sandwich, using our secret sauce recipe and fresh Greek ingredients.
And this is Mykonos salad, arrugula and spinach leaves along with pine seeds, fresh cherry tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes from Santorini and the most famous Mykonian cheese, ksinotyri, which adds a strong taste to the salad and sweetens with our own balsamic sauce.


Lighthouse exhibition from the 11th July to the 26th

This post is to inform you on an important cultural event in Mykonos.

There will be an exhibition of the history of our Sailing Lighthouse (Armenistis) in its premises from the 11th of July to the 26th.

After 25 of abandonment of the lighthouse due to automization, it is now open for the public as a museum. The exhibition will also have the movie "The lighthouse in the middle of the world" by Vanessa Zouganelis.

Operating hours: 11.00-14.00 & 18.00-22.00


Happy Birthday Kouros!!!

15 years ago, Kouros hotel opened its rooms and its heart to all of our guests that support us.
Today, after several rennovations and changes, we celebrate our 15th Birthday and would like to thank you all for trusting your vacation's time with us and being here year after year after year....
Happy Birthday Kouros!!!!


Artistic Photographs of Mykonos... just to get inspired

We were pleasantly surprised to receive from our guest Helena Virpi, an avid scrapbooker and photographer, photographs of our hotel and especially some really artistic photographs of Mykonos town.
Get a taste of what you will be seeing here…..


Our receptionists

These are the people welcoming you upon your arrival. In the morning you will come across the most helpful person you will ever meet, our Front desk manager Calliope Gerontaki who is willing to assist you with anything you might even imagine to ask!! In the afternoon Steve Theoharides, working for a second season with us, will assist you with recommendations for your dinner plans and if you are from the States you will have even more things to talk about since half his life he was raised in New York!!


Our guests... our friends

Following our hospitality tradition it is very often that our guests become friends for life. There are people from all over the world that visit us not only to have fun in Mykonos and enjoy our hotel’s facilities but to see again our friendly stuff and relate to everyone of us!
Here are some pictures taken this season with some guests we love to have every year here and find out what they have been doing their winter time and giving them the chance to relax with our pampering.
Additionally we were very pleased to find out that all of our repeater guests love our changes and they are commenting us that they never thought it could get even more beautiful!
This is Mrs. Katerina Koutsouradis the owner of Kouros Hotel & Suites along with our guest David who has been an avid follower from the first operating year of the hotel!!
These are our Italian friend Helena and Franco Russo. To the far right you can see John Chatzidrosos our F&B manager.

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