Our guests... our friends

Following our hospitality tradition it is very often that our guests become friends for life. There are people from all over the world that visit us not only to have fun in Mykonos and enjoy our hotel’s facilities but to see again our friendly stuff and relate to everyone of us!
Here are some pictures taken this season with some guests we love to have every year here and find out what they have been doing their winter time and giving them the chance to relax with our pampering.
Additionally we were very pleased to find out that all of our repeater guests love our changes and they are commenting us that they never thought it could get even more beautiful!
This is Mrs. Katerina Koutsouradis the owner of Kouros Hotel & Suites along with our guest David who has been an avid follower from the first operating year of the hotel!!
These are our Italian friend Helena and Franco Russo. To the far right you can see John Chatzidrosos our F&B manager.


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