Dear Guests,
Welcome to an honest attempt we make to get closer to the people that have supported us for the last 15 years of Kouros Hotel’s operation and an attempt to make every guest feel ‘at home’ when visiting us (even via the internet!).
Every guest that has visited us knows well that we are not a typical five star hotel. Our services are based on personal contact and what we try to do is to make each and every one of you a part of the Kouros Family.
Kouros Hotel & Suites is a family owned business that this year celebrates its 15 year old birthday with a major renovation in its structure and services. Our mission is to genuinely provide personal service and assistance with our ultimate goal to perfect your travelling experience.
We live in a world today full of surprises and uncertainty in our daily lives that we seek for the few free days we have to vacation a place to forget all about it, relax and have fun. From this year on Kouros Hotel & Suites commits to make any effort possible for you to achieve it. Our perfectly trained personnel throughout the years have proven capable of meeting your needs and desires and will continue so successfully.
This blog is here as an intro to your travelling experience. In its pages you will be gradually acquainted with our personnel, you will be informed on any news and events regarding Kouros hotel and Mykonos Island, you will be shown actual photos of our renovation taking place and finally in the summer season you might even see yourself in a picture drinking cocktails by the pool with us!!
So tag along and accompany us to this first internet global trip we make….

1 comment:

  1. Antonis TheodoropoulosFebruary 3, 2009 at 4:18 PM

    Well done Elina!!! Keep up the great work you are doing over there!!!


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