Renovation in progress POOL BAR

Our outdoors pool bar changes location. In its original place a fine dining restaurant will be built which will have the outmost view of the Aegean sea and Mykonos town. The pool bar will be transferred to next to the breakfast room. It will be inserted in a huge rock and will blend harmonically with the natural environment. Its position will be close to the in-pool table so you’ll only have to grab your fancy cocktail and sit by the water…
Therefore see some work in progress…
This used to be where Stavros was preparing his famous frozen cocktails. You will notice that the bar is already gone and the scenery is being prepared to turn into an exquisite modern restaurant.
This picture is taken from the lobby's veranda and demonstates where the new restaurant will be located. The wooden pergola will be removed and a specially ordered tent will be placed to secure the location from the strong Mykonian wind. this tent will combine the traditional architecture with the modern attitude of Kouros Hotel by mixing materials such as wood, bamboo and glass.
And here you can see the initial steps of the new pool bar that is is being built as we speek. The rock on the back is preserved in its initial form as seen throughout the hotel. In the core structure of Kouros hotel you will see the traditional Mykonian architecture of white painted rooms with light blue windows and shutters blending smoothly with the rocky environment of Mykonos Island.
We are looking forward to showing you our new cocktail menu which will include both traditional drinks and new juicy creations!


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