Mykonos Traditional Dance Night

On the 2nd of September at 20:30, the Traditional Mykonos dance team will perform at the Laka theatre. Along there will be John Zouganelis presenting the event and Koukas playing the trraditional sabouna organ. We are very excited for this event since one of our valuable team members, Elena from the concierge will be one of the leading performers!
Entrance is free


Nespresso Coffee Machines in all our Suites, the benefits of drinking espresso

Kouros Hotel & Suites features Nespresso coffe machines in all suite types. Book a suite and enjoy the benefits of drinking your exquisite coffee any time in the day. Nespresso coffe machines guarantee top quality in each serving. Two capsules a day are placed for you coffee lovers by the cute nespresso coffe cups, for you to enjoy.

What are the benefits of drinking espresso

As long as you do not drink too much, espresso is good for you. But just why is espresso good for you? The reason is that it contains anti-oxidants that many people are unaware of. These anti-oxidants help to boost your health and it does not matter whether you drink espresso or a cappuccino.

Unfortunately lots of people will avoid drinking coffee because of the amount of caffeine that it contains. But this is not the only ingredient in it and there are plenty of others that are actually beneficial to our bodies. It has been found that the anti-oxidants contained within coffee help to boost our immune system to lend a hand in staying healthy. It has also been proven that anti-oxidants can help to decrease the likelihood of someone developing heart disease.

In research carried out by various places across the world the following was found that there were some benefits to be had from drinking coffee.

1. A reduced risk of diabetes. Research carried out at Harvard which analyzed data on 126,000 people over an 18 year period found that by drinking between 5 and 6 cups of coffee a day men reduced the risk of getting Type 2 Diabetes by 54% and women reduced their risk by 30%.

2. Parkinson's. In a recent study carried out it was found that men who drank 4 to 5 cups of coffee each day cut their risk of developing Parkinson's disease by nearly half compared to those who consumed little or no coffee each day.

3. Heart Disease. In a study carried out by Scottish Heart Health on 11,000 men and women it was found that the more coffee they drank the less risk there was of them dying from heart disease.

So as you can see from above there are many reasons as to why espresso is good for you. Why not start enjoying a cup or two each day from now on. I am sure your body will soon be thanking you for it!

Why choose Nespresso from just an espresso?

Nespresso takes the concept of making espresso and makes it easy thanks to their unique espresso capsule system. Instead of hassling with grinding your coffee beans or buying pre-ground espresso coffee, or even buying a coffee grinder, you can simply use a Nespresso Espresso Machine. In addition to espresso, you can make lattes, mochas, cappuccino and more.

The espresso capsule consists of a perfectly measured amount of pre-ground coffee that is hermetically sealed in a special capsule that locks in the freshness and flavor until it is released by the espresso machine. All you do is place the capsule in the espresso machine, press the coffee brew button, then remove and discard the used capsule. Perfect espresso, perfect coffee, no mess. Just convenience. Even the "espresso novice" can be making espresso like the pros in minutes!


Traditional Mykonian Music Night in Ano Mera

Tonight in the picturesque village of Ano Mera you will have the chance to listen to taditional Mykonos Greek music fro professional musicians of the island. Listen to the unique organ Tsabouna played by Nikos Kontizas a master of its kind. Stay up late to see Girls from Mykonos dance the tradional rythms and enjoy a unique Greek experience!


Chamber Music Recital in Mykonos tonight

Jose Franch-Ballester, VanessBenelliMosell
Chamber Music Recital, with Jose Franch-Ballester, the Spanish, internationally awarded, clarinetist together with the Italian pianist Vanessa BenelliMosell (Young Steinway Artist).
Jose Franch-Ballester has won the 2010 internationally renown award “MIDEM Classique Outstanding Young Artists 2010” and has already launched a phenomenal his a phenomenal career for his age, that includes top performances with prestigious orchestras and soloists, recordings for the BBC and Deutsche Grammophon, and numerous concerts around the world.
In this Chamber Music Recital, he performs with  the Italian pianist, Vanessa BenelliMosell, who is internationally recognized as one of the great virtuoso young pianists, and has performed with such prestigious conductors and orchestras as Yuri Bashmet, Moscow Soloists, Berliner Philarmoniker, Renaud and Gautier Capua├žon, Boris Andrianov, and others.
Tickets: 10 euro, children/students: 5 euro.

Scala Gallery, Matogiannistr, Mykonos town
Elena Hotel, Rochari str. Mykonos town
Grypario,22890 28636
Information:MakisMorakis  6942481399


Ronda Palazzari in Mykonos @ Kouros

One of the most famous scrapbookers in the world Ronda Palazzari spent a week at Kouros Hotel & Suites with her family and took some awesome pictures of Mykonos and our hotel.
You can have a look here at her oriinal log post Mykonos/Delos Photo Journal
Some of her work here:


We'll miss you!!

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New Photoshoot with Christos Drazos

The rennovation with Fabienne Spahn for Kouros Hotel & Suites has been completed and a new series of photo shoots has been iniciated by the famous Greek photographer Christos Drazos.
Have a glimpse of our freshly looking rooms and expect more to come in September...
Photoshoot 2011 by Drazos


Going Green at Kouros

Our moto here at Kouros is Reduce Reuse Recycle

  • We recycle batteries from TV controls, DVD players, CD players, A/C remote controls, electronic safes, electronic room key locks, totaling to 1550 batteries per season
  • We purchase supplies in cases that can be reused, either by us or by the supplier: reuse soft drink glass bottles, beer glass bottles, grocery in plastic cases, bread delivered in wooden cases etc
  • All external light bulbs have been replaced with low energy light bulbs and timers have been installed to reduce the energy consumed in most areas of the hotel
  • Pebbles have been placed to all hotel roofs to allow better air ventilation and to prevent sun rays heating up the cement ceiling, resulting to lower A/C usage – save significantly on energy
  • Timers have been installed in water boilers to prevent working 24hours, but simply emphasize on peak hours
  • Recycle stained table cloths into Chefs approns and napkins
  • When possible, we send hotel leaflets in electronic way (PDF) than paper
  • Installed timer in outdoor jacuzzi to shutdown heating at night, when closed

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