Packing light for Mykonos

Here are a few tips on how to pack your suitcase before visiting Mykonos:

First, check the weather and especially the wind conditions. During the summer months, the wind in Mykonos can vary anywhere from zero (total apnea) to nine (extreme winds and gusts) Beaufort degrees. Here at Kouros Hotel and Suites we provide you with a daily weather forecast and further useful information through small paper notes left on your bed every morning and afternoon.

Since the sun is always up and shining over our Island for a great deal of time inside the day, a forecast for little wind means that you have to wear very light clothes, whereas the stronger the wind is, the bigger the need is for a couple of more ‘heavy’ summer clothes.

Second, make a list of the probable activities that you will be doing on your trip, like visiting, eating, going out, networking etc. This will help give you a clear idea of the types of clothes you’ll need to bring with you, day by day, saving you from carrying clothes that you will probably won’t wear during your vacation in Mykonos.

Third, opt for travel-friendly fabrics like knit, linen and silk. Here at Kouros Hotel and Suites you will have access to an ironing board and super-fast laundry service provided daily, is while it always advisable to opt for easy-care fabrics that look good and retain their shape with a minimum of fuss.

Finally, make a list with everything you need to take so that you can check it off as you pack your suitcase for Mykonos and again check it off when you get back home from your vacation. That way you will not forget items either coming or going and you will also know where to look in your suitcase for anything that you may need.

And do not forget! You can always contact our concierge expert for info before your arrival!


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