Spa Therapies in Mykonos

What about combining your dream vacation in Mykonos at Kouros Hotel & Suites with the joy of a relaxing atmosphere along with some soothing therapies being conducted on you?

An important reason to consider having a spa treatment during vacation is that it allows you to get away from the stress and strain of daily life, it forces you to relax and unwind in a place where tranquility is the norm.

Check our spa list and arrange an appointment with our professional therapist.

60 min

Chocolate Full Body Therapy
Experience a special body care. Spread melted chocolate with a mask throughout the body for ultimate rejuvenation. Refresh and hydrate the skin for a smooth and shiny result. You will feel great with the characteristic smell of chocolate, known for its detoxifying properties that activate the natural process of eliminating fat and cellulite.

The exotic brown sugar scrub
A scrub with Caribbean brown sugar, sea salts and nourishing olive oil will smooth your skin, detoxify your body and energize your metabolism.

50 min

Let your self be drawn by the force of aromatherapy. Massage enjoyment increases while the essential oils surround you in a fragranced environment. The skin is nourished, softened and gets a silky texture.

Deep tissue sport massage
Stress often causes muscles to become severely knotted; a deep-tissue massage addresses this tension by targeting the body’s deepest layers of muscle. A type of massage therapy that focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue.

Balinese Head Massage
This treatment combines both gentle and stimulating techniques on the upper back, shoulders, neck and scalp.

Peach Massage with relaxing Hot Shingles
The ultimate relaxing treatment inspired by the hot stone therapy. Using a mixture of metal powder, salt and water, the therapist shapes young, hot pebbles in front of your eyes! Once developed, used for a relaxation massage that exempt from the tendency of muscles. The skin is soft, smooth, free from intensity. A moment of pure and absolute pleasure!

Massage with natural massage oil candles
Our coveted candles engage all the senses. Light AFTERGLOW candle to enjoy its scent, then drizzle the warm oil on the skin as the perfect start to an unforgettable massage! The candles are body safe and contain no parabens or animal products. They contain jojoba, shea butter, vitamin e and aloe, ingredients that provide all day moisture and protection for the skin. Choose your favorite scent and let all your senses be indulged to this one of a kind experience.

30 min

Deep Hydration
Enjoy the exotic touch of pineapple and mango that offer a variety of vitamins, softening and moisturizing properties, preparing the skin before sun exposure and relieve irritation after prolonged sunbathing, giving a surprisingly glamorous look


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