Cultural event in Mykonos Island, piano recital

Tonight at the Grypario Cultural center there is a Piano recital with the awarded Mr. Vassilis Varvaresos playing for the Mykonos audience.

We, at Kouros Hotel & Suites support all cultural events and especially those with classical music since our owner, Mrs. Katerina was a musician herself and used to hold legendary piano nights in our lobby. We are looking forward to seeing you there and for any help with ticketing our Concierge will be here to assist you.


What to pack for a vacation to Mykonos Island

As many of you are already preparing for your summer trip to Mykonos, we here at Kouros Hotel and Suites Mykonos thought it would be a good idea to offer you some clever tips on what to bring with you before coming to the Island.

If you arrive in Mykonos during the summer months, it is highly advisable that you pack light. From June till late September it is quite hot and humid
(even during the night) in Mykonos so bring clothes that you know will not make you feel hot and sweaty. Shorts, linen shirts and T-shirts are recommended for men, while comfortable pants and light dresses are the way to go for the ladies . During the night people in Mikonos tend to dress more smartly and trendily than during the day. Light pants and sweaters for men and elegant dresses for women are the norm for dinner and night out. Having said that, you can also do a good deal of shopping inside the Town of Mikonos so save some space in your baggage and try not to pack heavily.
Additionally, vacating in Mikonos means spending large amounts of time under the Aegean Sun so don't forget to bring your suntan lotion and sunscreen . Swimsuits, sunglasses and flip-flops are also needed if you plan on visiting the beautiful beaches of Mikonos so make sure you get those too. Because of the high temperatures and the intensity of the Greek sun, ladies may also like to bring their Bronzer, After Sun, Moisturizer or Lip Balm. Finally, during the hot days of the summer it is common to find a lot of mosquitoes flying around in the air so it is advisable that you also pack a mosquito repellent cream.

So... what are you waiting for? Get ready! We at Kouros Hotel and Suites Mykonos are waiting to welcome you soon here in Mykonos!
So... pack and come to enjoy the view.....


Networking at Kouros Hotel & Suites Mykonos Greece

Dear guests and friends,

we are expanding our social media and we find ways to come closer to you and keep you informed on everything that is going on at our Boutique hotel in Mykonos.

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See you this summer...


Wi-Fi connection in our hotel in Mikonos Greece

It is true that internet has taken over our lives and has become an essential part of our work and our social life.
Stay connected even during your vacations in Mikonos Greece with our free Wi-Fi internet access and take advantage of the two Macs in our special internet corner at the lobby. Get the chance to chat online while overlook the Aegean Sea from the window right next to you and show through the webcam to your friends what they are missing if they are not at Kouros Hotel & Suites in Mykonos!!
We are looking forward to seeing you here...

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