Dear friends,
After popular demand about the construction being done underneath the hotel we are here to answer your questions.
Firstly I would like to write you something about our location. Our hotel is built in a cliff (that is why all our rooms have sea view) and has two entrances (the main at the top of the hotel and the second one underneath our swimming pool). The only thing that separates our hotel from the seafront is the road which connects the new port with Mykonos town. The construction is being done right beneath the road at the beginning of the seashore and takes around 100m in width and then sea floods your view.
What is this construction about???
This construction is the island’s plans of a new marina, yachting docks and a park. The project will finish next June and the most “painful” for us part has already finished, meaning that there is no more digging or drilling all there is left is the move of the cement blogs to and the final formation of the area with cement.
I hereby present you the architectural plan straight from the mayor’s office which shows how the project will look by the end of the works. Down to the right you can see highlighted in red where Kouros hotel is placed and see its position in relation to the construction. We are looking forward for the works to be completed because this project will upgrade our already privileged location and bring a more cosmopolitan flair right in front of us!! This marina will bring us even closer to the town and will allow you to walk through it on your way to Chora. It will for sure be a magnificent addition to the island and an addition to our already spectacular view!!
In case you have any more questions on this subject we would be more than happy to answer them via email at


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